StormsPhoto by Zac Durant on Unsplash happen in all our lives. Sometimes they are physical storms like hurricanes or blizzards. We in Missouri have been experiencing the aftermath of a snowstorm and arctic blast. Temperatures dropped down to a bone-chilling -14 degrees at night. In preparation for the intense cold, I opened the kitchen sink cabinets so that the warm air of the house could keep the pipes from freezing. I also turned the faucet on to a steady drip for the same reason. Praise God, both techniques worked and our pipes remained intact.

Whenever we have a storm, I find that it is best to prepare. In the Midwest where tornadoes strike in the spring, it is recommended to have a plan of action for where you should go when the tornado sirens blare. During a winter storm, there are other things you do to prepare for it. You might lose your power, or have your pipes burst. In the 1990’s when I lived in Maine, we had one winter storm, they called “the storm of the century.” Before that storm, I checked that I had batteries, flashlights and candles. I also filled up the tub with water so that I would be able to flush the toilet if we lost water. I also made a big pot of soup which could last me a few days during the height of the storm. 

There was something I also did right before and during the storm which impacted me the most. I got my boom box and worship tapes out. I decided that I was going to ride out the storm by worshipping God. It was then that I coined the phrase, “worship is my warship.”

I hunkered down in my bedroom, listening to worship music and praising God. Sitting in my room, I created a little island of safety in the middle of the whistling winds and snowy blasts which lashed against the house. I simply trusted God to take care of me through the storm. And He did! I never lost my electricity nor my water supply at that time. God was faithful. A couple of days afterwards, I walked outside in my neighborhood, beside the five-foot snowbanks. Some were even taller than me.

True, I had prepared for the worst. But it was worship which got me through that storm. Worship gave me peace when the winds blew and the snow beat against the house. It created an atmosphere of calm in my house, like the eye of the hurricane.

Other types of storms that come into our lives come from other areas which are often not as easy to prepare for. They are problems with our children or our spouse. Sometimes, they are our own problems, like depression or health issues. Worship can offset the anxiety which often clouds our minds when we are faced with these types of situations.

Worship enables us to get our minds off of ourselves and onto God and His solutions. It can give us the weapon to fight anxiety, self-doubt and the desire to just quit. Our praise gives all the glory to God for His outcome. It acknowledges who God is and His power. It allows Him to operate in the midst of our storms of life.

I thought of that this week as I faced the physical storm in the heart of the country. Turning up the radio, I drove through the snow to meet a friend and help her with some errands. I took on a worshipping attitude while I cleaned up the cat’s mess. Choosing to praise God during the storm again, I found my spirits lifted. I don’t always see a positive outcome right away when facing some of my personal crisis. But it reminds me that God is still on the throne. He will not fail me. There is no battle that is too difficult for Him.

He gives me joy in the battle as I make worship my warship.