We live in a day and age where the concept of rest is misunderstood. While we all want rest, we don’t have any idea how to truly find it on our own. This book offers a solid Biblical basis for understanding the true rest offered to us through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Scripture references throughout the book make it a valuable resource for the reader who is seeking truth that is a foundation for life. The author shares from her own personal journey of learning to rest and provides encouragement for the rest-seeker. We all have a longing for peace and rest in our lives, this book points to the ONLY TRUE SOURCE of rest, a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

I highly recommend this book to the tired, the restless, the seeker. I recommend it to the burned out, lonely, worn and weary one longing for answers. It’s easy and quick to read, and it will leave a lasting impact on your life!