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The habit of listening prayer opens you up to more of an intimate relationship with God and what He wants for you. Download my new ebook on listening prayer and find out more.

Grow your relationship with God through listening prayer. Have you ever noticed that if you don’t spend time listening to the people closest to you that you don’t grow in that relationship. It is the same way in our relationship with God. He wants us to spend time listening to Him so He can communicate with us.

Take the time to download the free ebook, Listening Prayer, when you subscribe to my email list. I outline simple practical steps for you to spend short periods of time in listening prayer.

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By Elizabeth Zacharias

Created to Rest

Entering the Lord’s Rest Amidst Life’s Journey


We are told that the Israelites couldn’t enter into their rest in the Old Testament the first time that they went to go into the promised land. Yet Jesus invites us to enter His rest.  What does that mean for us in our day?  And how is it even possible for us to enter into it in our work oriented society? I believe it is possible and even more so we are created for this very thing.
In Created to Rest, I go into detail explaining how we are created for rest. Also, what rest means and how it is different for those who follow after Christ to experience rest.  He invites us to join Him in His rest, giving us a number of benefits from it.  We will also learn how to have it and then how to maintain the rest of the Lord.

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Elizabeth Zacharias

Elizabeth Zacharias lives in Missouri with her husband of 23 years and her 2 young adult daughters. She graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a degree in Social Work. Originally from Maine, she has lived in Missouri for close to 20 years, homeschooling her daughters.
She is passionate about her pursuit of God, prayer, missions and her creative endeavors. She loves exploring the outdoors, foreign cuisines, writing and chocolate. She longs to see others come into an intimate relationship with Christ and also come into their own creative potential which she believes God created for them from the beginning of time.


  • I have known Elizabeth Zacharias and her husband, Dan, for over 20 years. I recently had the opportunity to read her new book, Created to Rest. It was an easy read, which made it easy for me to engage. It was the perfect blend of facts, scripture references, and relatable stories. I walked away wishing I could have known Aunt Jenny, and challenged to revisit the invitation to enter the Rest of the Lord. In one word Refreshing! - Missionary with Global Impact Relief

    John Gross

  • In a world full of conflict and hate, with the enemy's activities increasing daily, Created to Rest brings a refreshing encouragement to the weary Believer. Like Lot, the debauchery around us is a burden that clouds our minds at times. We forget that there is a place reserved for us, where the peace of God will forever surround us and our struggles will cease. The author of this book brings us into the rest of our Lord, giving us a brief escape from the cares of this world. This is a book well worth the time it takes to read it.

    Alma Jones
    Retired missionary and Bible teacher

    Alma Jones

  • We live in a day and age where the concept of rest is misunderstood. While we all want rest, we don’t have any idea how to truly find it on our own. This book offers a solid Biblical basis for understanding the true rest offered to us through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Scripture references throughout the book make it a valuable resource for the reader who is seeking truth that is a foundation for life. The author shares from her own personal journey of learning to rest and provides encouragement for the rest-seeker. We all have a longing for peace and rest in our lives, this book points to the ONLY TRUE SOURCE of rest, a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

    I highly recommend this book to the tired, the restless, the seeker. I recommend it to the burned out, lonely, worn and weary one longing for answers. It’s easy and quick to read, and it will leave a lasting impact on your life!

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